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    Modeling Program with Direct X export?

    Heya Im looking for a free modeling program that allows exporting to Direct X format (.x) Thanks in advance :)
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    Terrain Editor with Direct X export?

    Heya Im looking for a terrain editor with the possibility to export to direct x. I know there are a few but im looking for free ones :P Thanks in advance :)
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    Right, this may sound odd, but being gone for quite some time I now stink once more at ESF. I'm looking for a kind player that will help me get back on my feet again, seeing as other players always seem to try to get me of my feet. My email/MSN is [email protected] I'm dutch btw ^^
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    Goku and Goku SSJ in Yardrat armor

    meh its ok just wanted teh model, just thought nobody did it :P can u fix me that model :) ?
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    Goku and Goku SSJ in Yardrat armor

    oh noes >_< ah well... looks awesome :D
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    Immune while transforming

    nah goku perfect is at 5 million
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    yeah, that does sound good xD though we already have a temporarely PL increase, and it has faster ki burn. It's called turbo :)
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    i recently saw a lot of Cell Games Saga episodes, and I think Gohan's Super Kamehameha is a good idea, probably Kaio-Ken Attack for Goku, and how about the enormous amount of blasts Vegeta sends to Cell when he killed Trunks for Vegeta's Rage? Trunks could have some super sword attack, also...
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    I want to get to know the game

    hmm yeah now you're getting somewhere !!! pizza and pie ARE good :D
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    Immune while transforming

    hmm thats true, and actually more used and more annoying :P
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    Immune while transforming

    well that doesn't help it, actually... i mean, now you can transform without dying once but if you get killed then, you are vulnerable? or is it reset after you die (if not, do that :P)
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    Hp fight long :D

    yeah that's true... i think this should be done, but not overdone. :)
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    Goku and Goku SSJ in Yardrat armor

    I'm doing the skin for Yardrat armor, mind it's my first :P I hope I'll do it good enough :) The models I'm using are Vassago's, and I will also use parts of his skins (face, hair, etc.) plucked that one of google :) that's the armor im gonna get him into.
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    Adding a 12 charater

    well ok, but its not like Tien is the only character being worked on? i mean, there must be dozens of characters being worked on... right? ps: im trying to make a skin for Goku for when he comes back from Namek, i just love that outfit :P Well actually he's back from Yardrat... you know what...
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    Immune while transforming

    well you have a good point Razorix, but it's still quite unfair killing someone in transformation... so even if someone transforms to avoid a melee attack, the attacker can quickly charge a beam or ball and fling it towards him?