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    Fireing Ki balls into Beams

    i highly doubt it but it really depends on what sorta attack such as the spirit bomb wouldn't even be affected by it (i don't know any attacks that can destroy a spirit bomb)
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    The ESF-Bot

    maybe they can be a seperate download pack or something
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    Hyperbolic time chamber

    just asking..but wasnt inside the hyperbolic time chamber endless....cause im sure i heard goku or someone tell gohan that it was....
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    Who's your favorite DragonballZ villian?

    mmmm can't stand not having cheese:talk:
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    ok i'll say 'thank you kindly'
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    umm...i know this a stupid question but when the perfect cell model and that is out can you add a attack that creates cell jr's but takes away most of the power level or possibly its like a attack where the more ki you sacrifice the stronger they are....
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    Waypoints for ESF

    but that wasn't what i was asking for.....btw i do know how to start a FFA match:shocked:
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    Waypoints for ESF

    ermm...just asking but how do you get them to join a a team they just stay as undicided or something when i add them