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    when you will release the game

    we will release it when it's done
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    Theres is what i can help!

    all we really need atm would be coder/modelers and the first one more so than the latter tbh
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    ESF Installer not working.

    what a journey this is
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    Yes.. We are still alive!

    interesting thinking
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    Yes.. We are still alive!

    when it's done
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    Yes.. We are still alive!

    yo are you the legendary andreasus though?
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    I can't seem to play the game online

    not really you only need esf 1.2.3 but servers are dead because next to no one plays anymore
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    [Old PotW] Quick Update

    a Cigar theory thanks for watching
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    [Old PotW] Quick Update

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    I would like to apply for help to complete the ESF:f.

    he means models to test not a tester
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    2014 current state

    they are still working on it i guess but they need their time so let us just wait and enjoy it even more when it is done
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    2014 current state

    good to hear this thanks for answering and have a good day
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    2014 current state

    so people i wanted to ask if you do not mind is the mod still beign worked on?