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    Super Kamehameha Request

    what is all of this i said the beam not the charg the beam like when gohan finished cell thats what i want i dont care about charged i got a good one i want a huge beam
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    Super Kamehameha Request

    alright thnx if any one els wants to do it too u can make ur own cool one
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    Super Kamehameha Request

    i tried looking for a picture of the super kamehameha but i coudlnt find it you guys should know what it looks like remember when gohan killed cell
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    Super Kamehameha Request

    well that sucks about ur photoshop maby some one els can do it or wait till u fix it :fight: and yea the beam like the show big spike forward and the out side of the beam should be like light blue like the show.....yeaaaa
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    Super Kamehameha Request

    hey can any one make like super kamehameha where like when gohan vs cell like the beam is huge and it spikes forward. if some one could that would be awsome oh and if u could make it a blue beam hehe prefrence.
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    Need Help Finding Some Models

    I know alot of people ask where they can find models and i need to know too, i havent been on this site for awhile been busy. so where can i find a GOOD Namek Goku, Freeza Final, Bebi Vegeta, And Adult Gohan Mystic Pack.If any of you could be kind enof as to give me a link that would be cool.
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    Namek Goku Done

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    Next Level

    now i know people have been asking well you know beta 1.1 came out so u guys serusly should alow new trancformation levels u took ur time with 1.1 and the 1.2 out lines dont look like there is gona be much more, add some trancformations it will make alot of us happyer it will take a while but if...
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    Energy Drain in SSj

    well you see that wouldnt work for charictors like buu and piccolo and stuff it wouldnt work buu when he trancforms its not something he controls in the show when he trancforms its perminate it should be like that with piccolo cuz when he gos ssj he meditates and stuff it wouldnt work the...
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    namek goku

    the ssj's hair is messed up and u shoulda kept the hold shirt on just liek the 1st time he gos ssj his *the black part* is still on and he dosnt have his pants torn yet p.s. SOME ONE MADE A FREZIA FINAL?O_O
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    namek goku

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    namek goku

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    my bad guy needs a name, and suggs

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    Super Buu Done

    wtf did u do paint gokus body pink?
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    ESF Model Skeletons

    i use Maya the best program