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    This game will never be released...

    It will, you'll see.
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    Happy new year everyone.
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    Hi there
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    how much % is esf done

    You got it
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    Potara earrings. (feel free to use)

    It's not bad.
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    Frontpage Earth's Special Forces trailer- Saiyan Trio

    I'm so happy with this trailer. Good job guys.
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    Water Render

    That's great.
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    ESF Trailer Teaser

    Daymmm, that was great.
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    well there be more transformations???

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    [Old PotW] ESF_Cell_Games Update

    It's sexy.
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    My Signatures

    Oh man, thank you so much, what a great job!!!
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    My Signatures

    Hi, good job right there. Can you make (when you get time) Vegetto signature? I would be happy.
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    Pokemon GO

    As I said, people loves it. I don't even know why you are replying in something you don't like, though.
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    Pokemon GO

    It's boring for you, it's good for someone else. Life is different for everyone, even if it's repetitive.
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    New video, esf 1.3 goku vs turles

    I love it, good job