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    1.1 beam jumps

    well i think the beam jump could be quit good. However there is not an enourmas point to it, and id of prefered the time it took to code it to of been spent on adding characters or something. having another character would of been cooler than th beam jumping. but suppose it dont matter...
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    SSJ2 in Beat 1.1???

    well i have full respect to the esf team. but for the length it is takin for 1.1 and not to have anything like transformation is a bit of a let down. i know people will flame me but i have no doubt those flamers are thinking the same. its been months now and there arent to many new...
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    A new move for certain characters, its a teamwork thing

    yeh sounds like a resally cool i dea anything that imporoves the teamplay is good. basically what your saying is your full health full ki partner 2 health 0 ki you give him 50 helth given him 52 hp you loose 50 hp given you 50 pretty cool
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    A Challenge mode Idea!! Pls Read

    I realy don't see this being to hard to code. Granted i probably couldnt do it mself. but judgin on what the team has done so far, im sure its well within there capable means. as far as the odd one out goes. as my bro Fearless said there can only be one duel going on in a game at one...
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    A Challenge mode Idea!! Pls Read

    you dont have to decline him m8 if you dont want to challenge him then just dont accept carry on playing as usual. as for the 7 people havin a duel. if you used the move to an arena way. then there could only be one duel at a time. and you could if you wish implement as maybe a...
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    A Challenge mode Idea!! Pls Read

    i know it aint a mod, but what difference should that make.???? its not as if its a big special effect or out. i cant see programmin it so you press a button on someone and you fight only them is something hard to programme m8.
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    Finished Normal/SSJ/SSJ3 Gotenks

    ok m8 them models are excellent, and id use them no doubt. but i have one major crit. and that the ssj3 hair. youve spent what looks like a lot of time on the model ssj hair all that. started ssj3 hair and got a little fed up and dragged the top half down. sorry about this maybe...
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    APE Clan Maps

    the first map the red is pretty naff to be honest. the second looks canny but theres a few wall pieces around and looks unfinished this isnt try to critises. although some decent ideas there. at the mo im in the middle of creating a map that is destructable hopefully it comes out...
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    A Challenge mode Idea!! Pls Read

    thx for the good responses guys. when i was thinkin of the idea i too thought going to the 2d style as like a side camera angle would be hard too so that why i suggested to stay normal too. thx Fearless
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    SSJ3 Gotenks model WIP

    well to me so far everything looks excellent except one thing and thats, he doesnt seem to have shoulders. it looks like drawn arms put on to his body, you need to add some more muscle to make it look like shoulders but apart from that its cool.
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    Adult Gohan

    id like to see mystic. and gotenks, in place of adult and kid. that my opinion. aduly gohan looks cooler than kid. for transformations have him normal, then ssj then mystic. 3 trans if im right thats all the other characters will get. and gotenks will be more unique from...
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    A Challenge mode Idea!! Pls Read

    how about involving some sort of challenge button which you click on someone and you challenge them, and the other person has to accept. if anyone has Played Jedi Outcast. You will know what i mean. it called jedi duel mode and could be excellently implemented into this game. obviosly...
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    oh for gods sake man. its a suggestion dont come and read if you dont want to. Its up to you. if you dont like it fine but quite ya whining ffs!! sad
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    Adult Gohan

    well if im right they are having kid gohan and adult gohan in the game. but personnally id rather just adult gohan and have a different character in place of kid, maybe some one like android 16 or 17. out of the androids id rather 16 you see more unique moves like his fist throw where...
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    hello. im Fearlesses brother. he didnt tell me about his idea so i have just read it now. i feel i could add a little to the idea. People are questioning how would you targe and shoot, and another guy said it would be kewl to use 2 beams on one person. well when you select. i.e. scroll...