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    ESF Hacked?

    I wonder if he's coming back.
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    Your Recommendations (YouTube Thread)
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    Another live-action adaptaion - Dragon Ball Z : The Fall of Men

    ... Honestly... I am done with action movies but I will go straight into Bruce lee, jackie chan, jet li, Jean claude, Steven Seagal and keep watching them until I am dead. -_- they're so many flawed actions and cut scenes that I really can't stand from every movie. It's making my head spin and...
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    I could not hold back :D

    Plakman. I can still see my messages and Hlev's messages on your signature. Can you please remove it! thank you. And sorry for the off topic.
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    esf open beta problem

    Here's the tip for you buddy. First, uninstall ESF open beta. Second, reinstall ESF open Beta then go on files, program, find steam, go on steam apps and common, half life and save it or leave it there. Exit, then install. Wallah! you got the game and restart Steam after. 2. Before you make...
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    Mighty no.9 vs megaman

    You guys don't know shit from these 2. What makes you assume they're the same? Still... I'm trying to find infos about mighty no.9 differ from megaman that is not equally the same to his abilities.
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    Mighty no.9 vs megaman

    What I mean is separately. You don't have to prove anything.
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    Mighty no.9 vs megaman

    It's BEEN YEARS since Crapcom has not came up with the Megaman update. Megaman has been known for years before Mighty no.9. WHO WILL WIN THE DEATH BATTLE! And honestly... I don't know much about Mighty. But I do know the most about Megaman when he transforms into some type like fire...
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    New Video, Trailers For christmas

    Hey, Nongodgoku. Be nice to this old member. You're only 3 years newer than him and you're still a newbie! And yes we do want a video for Christmas from the esf devs because the last time someone did requested it, they never put it on last year
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    ESFF is dead or they are stalling.

    Was that suppose to make me cry? Because my tears hasn't even come out yet but my rage will. And i got my rage rocket ready to launch.
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    Why is DC comcis being digusting?

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    Why is DC comcis being digusting?

    Honestly? what the **** DC is thinking? Turning female characters into... actually you know what i mean so i shouldn't disgust any sexualities on here. BUT WHY! First it's Selena (AKA Catwoman) and Harley Quinn. If marvel does the same then i'll stop watching their videos, and reading their...
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    [Old PotW] Earth's Special Forces - Dev Journal #1 - Vegeta Throw

    So I see so this is why dalte had been wasting time playing this all along and we have to wait until almost 8 years? Just to get us attention? Yo... Imma start boiling like a kettle if he keeps this up. ;(
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    Can you download copy from a disc that belongs to the console?

    I see. I was hoping from Microsoft and Sony to make a new feature to install games into their consoles with a CD to copy the game, download it and save it on their profile instead of their account without buying any games from the store... Or just pay it to install it while the user is online.
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    Can you download copy from a disc that belongs to the console?

    Can you download the copy of the disc that belongs to the console? I have asked my friend about a PS4 that can download the copy of from the disc to your PS4 without putting the same disc and when it gets ruined, you'll still play the game without it once it is installed to your PS4 profile...