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    ESF Tournament

    I think he translated it wrong I checked the original forum on and it says "Registration started on: 2016-07-24"( I can read the language). People are applying but he isn't updating the list. I dunno maybe he is on a vacation or something. Nobody is arguing here... Why are you so salty?
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    ESF Tournament

    Shit I don't have enough fuel for it!!!!
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    Frontpage Earth's Special Forces trailer- Saiyan Trio

    Merry freaking christmas guys!
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    Pay Modelers to make ESF Models?

    I know that these questions won't speed up the release of the game and I'm not asking for it. Because we got this topic going I just wanna ask what is left to be done looking at the major points of the development. If it's not a secret of course :). And you're aiming for the 2 releases plan or...
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    ESF: The Complete Player

    Nice video! It really brings me back to the age when ESF was really competitive. About the ceiling hits. Call me weird, stupid or whatever but I agree with TinyMe. You just try not to get caught... And there are plenty of ways to avoid that(funny thing is I never really learned to do them...
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    Shots Fired

    I know this is my first post and a fairly new account but I'm following this project for a long time now, and I just had to say out my thoughts about this thread;D. ANYWAYS straight to the point. It's really cool Emudshit is creating a DBZ project like that, like thumbs up man:yes:! And I can...