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    melee help plz

    melee is doing my nut in , i can lock onto some one and hit um, sure thats simple... but the thinks people do r unbelviabe. u proberly know what i mean.... can u give me some advanced tips on how to own with melee plz :) eze
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    ESFORCES.COM server files !!!

    umm esfb110.tar.gz is ment to be newst liunx version , but on hlmods website they got esfb111.tar.gz so i think i need that 1, or what ever can u contact me :p if u want to know the problem it is : server was find apart from crashing ever 20mins, rolled bk the hlds like was said to in...
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    ESFORCES.COM server files !!!

    esfb111.tar.gz <<< need this file...... plz get hold on me with link were to get it. ta
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    ESFORCES.COM server files !!!

    who ever runs the servers can u plz contact me, i need the official server file cus were haveing problems down here in the uk trying to get some dedicated servers up. plz contact me or guys at me regards Ezekiel tryed...
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    server crash on load up

    :S eeek whats going on, some one explain this plz , every time i join server it crashes when building server :s HELP plz regards Ezekiel
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    linux server d/l needed and fast

    ta ur a life saver, ill pass it on . ill have to give u ip for are server when its up
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    idea for 1.2

    give all charaters an other tranformation like ssj3 or something ;) well the characters which transform more than once :D. i lov watching them transform i want more hehe
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    linux server d/l needed and fast

    heres the deal my m8 wants to buy a server but the server company cant get the 1.1 linux version anywere , none of the links on this site or fourm works :s eeeeek some one plz get a url to me fast so i can pass it on regards Ezekiel
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    whould be good idea, lo matt ;) like my sig ( gunner made it tbh)
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    any 1 wanna clan ?

    -TheRaven- is looking for members atm find us on irc (quakenet) #theraven and ask gunner / Mr_O or riyua for trail..... when theres a league plz inform me at Ezekiel@phatmonkeys or visit me in #theraven ta
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    GotenksOwnz Sig's

    lo m8ty i want a sig plz.. ask me on irc if u havent got a clue but what i want is a sig with gohan from cell saga ssj in either a blue of red back ground with my name " Ezekiel" on it thanks m8ty WWW.THERAVEN.TK --- our site :)