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    Piccolo fingers

    I believe it's romanized as "yasai", which makes it pretty clear where the whole phonetic play for saiya came from. The -jin at the end of saiya-jin is used to say of or from saiya, like you would say nihon-jin to describe someone from Japan or amerika-jin for someone from America. I think it's...
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    Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    I laughed so damn hard at that scene... The laughter almost became painful...
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    Raiko - Goku Reskin REQUEST

    lol I can't believe people still use that...that was my first reskin ever XD.
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    Creative Updates From The Pit

    Don't doubt my love for kid buu. It's already been taken care of :D.
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    Creative Updates From The Pit

    As for the hands: As I think was mentioned before, we have decided to stick to the manga style. In the manga kid buu as well as all of the other buus have "glove hands". This decision wasn't made to save polies, the new kid buu model is over 3500 tris.... I made both the old and the new kid...
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    Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Episode 26 was just....amazing. I've watched the ending over 20 times now...very emotional and awesome. I even started reading the manga XD. Chapter 100 is coming out soon :D.
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    [SPOILER] / surprize :P

    hope it helps o/
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    Lets see those Desktops!

    Just moved to Windows 7 today. Pretty fancy stuff, I love the new wallpapers it comes with.
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    Yea...basically anyone that stuck around long enough :p. Somehow I went from making crappy sigs to being on the ESF team making player models. DMZ was awful, lol...but it was awesome back when ESF had a mod to be kinda competitive with, it was more fun that way. I know one thing that hasn't...
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    Macbook Pro... hmm?

    I'd regret getting a mac. You would probably get frustrated with the lack of mac versions of software you currently use on windows and end up using XP as your main OS anyway. Macs use Intel processors now so you'd basically be getting an overpriced PC with OSX on it. You say gaming...
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    Art dump

    Diggin' the hot dog dress...
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    New Goku Animations

    I jizzed in my pants.
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    Billy Mays found dead in his home.

    This is so ****ing sad...i loved billy mays. Rest in peace Billy :(.
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    Hey penix, I'm calling you outtttttt

    Thanks sexies, it was a fun one D:.
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    Hey penix, I'm calling you outtttttt

    damn right, forced birthday thread ftw o/