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    Female fighters

    wow.... that is seriously disguisting i guess no one else picked up on it since i was the first to say anything :rolleyes: (and yes i know what hes talking bout but satan took those pics out of context)
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    SSJ2 gohan, finaly skinned

    well i jus skimmed through this post and i realized that everyone that looks at the models expects tem to be given out to ESF for one, you guys probably saw the model before it was skinned, and you really should know that its not even close to halflife standards... this model is proly at least...
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    Favourite Modeler.

    damn me neither :(
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    Hiei Model

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    Hiei Model

    ermmmm... i figured i would have to register for the esf forums sooner or later yea ill get a few other views and prepared to see the hands a lil less great looking theyre like 500 polies each right now after msmooth :P