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    Why don't you just release it?

    Rewind the clock 10 years and then, just maybe, you'd have a community as talented and hard working as what it once was on here. That community would be able to finish off a large chunk of what ESF Final requires, not the current one. That should be obvious to anyone that has been here for a...
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    Force Pit Information Thread

    Hmm...I appear to have lost Force Pit access at some point too? Any idea why?
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    Nuttzy demands help

    How old are we talking here? Cuz I've got some REALLY old models and WIP's that you did. ;)
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    earthbound, yayzors

    Hehe, I remember nuttzy working on these a while back. I recall a video with some Toshiro Masuda background music with a character rocking out with a guitar :laff:
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    aye naruto refs?

    Haven't come across any of the ones in the series posted, but I do have all from the collection below:
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    Kakashi WIP

    Quick criit on the skin: As far as i knowl the flak jacket would be made of some sort of padded material and would not likely have as many small folds as say...a shirt. Rather, you'd find less, but larger folds towards the bottom of the jacket.
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    Kakashi WIP

    Apologies for the scrappy edit...a bit strapped for time atm. Not nearly 100% but a step in the right direction
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    Kakashi WIP

    Looking pretty good so far CJ. Will reserve comment on the hair until you've finished tweaking. Other than that i'd suggest shortening the length of his toes or rather extending the coverage of the shoes, thinning out the ankles and reminding you not to forget the flappy shoulder pad type...
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    again ready for update

    Theres a difference between discussing your thoughts and whining everytime the next update is a little later than you expected. I'm suprised your previous thread wasn't closed after a one line reply. I certainly would have. I have no reason to kiss ass, i've actually contributed to the...
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    again ready for update

    Patience is a virtue. No matter how many threads you post saying "I'm ready for an update" it will not speed up the release due to the fact that the development team isn't, as you might think, waiting for your go ahead to release.
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    Gogeta WIP

    Looking good SV. Quick skin crit for the sake of accuracy: You might want to add some lines to show striations on the sides of the shoulders. (The 3 lines that define the front/side/rear deltoids visible on final shines' pic)
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    Uzumaki Naruto

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    Naruto Shippuuden Mugen!!

    What's up with the executable packaging. Now we can't edit the .cfg files :(
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    Don't worry Sven, its just typical of the double standards that are rife on these boards (and many others). Axman, settle down buddy...moderative "powers" don't give you free reign to ignore "rules" one minute and then impose them when you choose to (i don't believe sven is in violation of any...
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    Space Marine Tutorial Set

    An opportunity to listen to Show's pommy voice rambling on? Count me in :)