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    Noobs of the day

    Called a cheater for ambushing /w melee :p
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    RPC Stub

    once windows install wizard has initialized and the ESF splash shows up, i get something like this "Invalid version of the RPC Stub" I run win 98se, what do i need to do? EDIT: If anyone gets this error, go here. (got mine fixed)...
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    few questions

    Good idea, and good questions. I would think that the forcefield would protect others within the vacinity but I'm not sure. Try posting in suggestions.
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    Beta 1 Downloads

    I could have sworn to God that poster said the 24th.... ne ways. I'm gonna put it on kazaa if no one has a prob with it once i download it.
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    Esf2.0 Beta

    Last thing i ever heard that was anything similar to a date was before next year, that was i think back in august or septeber though... l8r
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    Black Dog serenade

    $%^*$%*^#%(*^ u can't? try copy and paste in a new browser....
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    Hwoarang's Magneto

    I said original cuz it dosen't look like any magn. i have ever seen optimus kk? and original beacuse i think he freehanded not used referance pictures... /done
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    Buu's cookie attack

    oooh what about a ps with a huge snicker bar?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! great idea, what if the attack had a lower effect rate so it'd be more fair? and u can't "eat" people stronger than you by X%? seems like it'd be a spam/suicide move or if someone was angry /w u they'd just eat you...
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    Everyone's favourite Anime

    no spacific order as well vampire hunter d NGE yu yu hakusho(some good moments) cowboy bebop trigun akira ghost in shell ranma 1/2 record of lodoss war dbz hellsing ff unlim metropolis (2002) (sp?) mega man tekken street fighter Gunblade 2965 (not popular at all) NINJA...
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    Bah, Looks like you wont see me much

    tree werds, lap tawp... annd yousin a cawmpooter doosen''''t affact yer bwrain cee meh? oi''''m poifectwy smawrt..... but a much more serious note, I know that punishment as well. all u gotta do is act like it dunn bother you and make it look like u'v got another "addiction" instead of computers...
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    I need some help

    I introduced a friend to esf who only played alpha then quit, he's only seen one of the new videos (gohan kamehameha wave) could someone collect them (the links to other pics and vids) cuz i wanna show him and I've personally lost them
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    Hwoarang's Magneto

    Looks alot more like spawn characters with the design, original but some minor flaws.
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    Black Dog serenade

    it's already a cartoon, cowboy bebop saturday night on cartoon network, or you can rent the episodes or get them on certain programs that I'm not at liberty to ay the name of but everyone knows it.... begins with a Ka and ends with a zaa
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    Tales of Phantasia wallpaper

    That is (and will be) one of my favorite games of all time! I played it on snes and almost crapped myself. Arche you dirty little witch!
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    Stupid things in dbz

    what are you talking about? vegeta is always a perfect gentlemen towards bulma, especially in the jap episodes. roshi is a pimp. plain and simple