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    My Website

    Hi all i wanted to ask what u guys think of my website: Place comment below.....
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    What's Evolution Mod?

    The only way to truly kno0w what this have to see it for i dont know the link anymore....but if you search this forum im sure that youll find it
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    Age requirement

    hmnn, i tought this game was ment for 10 year old kids....those are obsessed by dbz 16 i only play the game thru LAn because the feeling of power is kewl. But mostly i play bf1942, mohaa/spearhead and raven shield. So i dont think many older players will play this game as much as...
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    Learning To Draw DBZ/Anime

    there are many great sites that help you...But the best thing is prolly to just buy a book wich explains how to draw anime. I got one a few years back when i watched dbz a lot. hmnn just type in google somethin like: dbz drawing tutorial...
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    ughhhh....i must say....this was easy made...i dont like it...why? because of the following: 1: its a music video (boring) 2: the music is kind of crap 3: Too Tooo Toooo Looooooong 4: i think this IS and WAS a waste of time That are just my comments, you may dislike em but thats how...
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    My Eyes!! AGHHH

    ok then i say yuck the colors are really bad:cry:
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    My Eyes!! AGHHH

    Well i think its not bad but i would use blue or so... And dont call this trash and stuff cuz they had a hard time making it...
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    ESF Full Command/CVar List

    aha but cant you edit a file so that the powerlevel can be higher... like editing a config file or so? I heard something about a trainer memory cracker....? Cuz i only play on LAN and hate w8ing before bein perfect...
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    I killed SHENRON!

    ohw my god, youve killed SHENLON! YOU Ba$tard :)
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    Out of SSJ

    yes, thats true. But the people who can ascend and decent can get much higher powerlevels. So basicly if it drops below 10% of your hp and it falls out then it wouldnt be so unfair. And it would be more realistic to the series
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    quite a cool sneak glitch

    and from were can i download it? ;D
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    ESF Addons?!

    well ill see your mod as a addon for esf
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    ESF Addons?!

    I went to your site...Are you also going to make more transformations for esf?!!!!!!!!!! ;D
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    quite a cool sneak glitch

    What is Rolling the Dice?! I want 250 hp too
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    Bots and blocking

    Well i never play this game online. I always play it thru LAN with my brother. I always put a bunch of bots in it from version 1.1. When i shoot a beam attack at em and they block...then you get that the bots can fly further and im stuck in my attack. Luckily my brother always tkills the bots in...