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    What Celebrity would you like to hook up with?

    how about that ho from that seventy's show? the one who did meg's voice from family guy? she has a nice ass
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    I need a g/f

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    How will you die??

    Probably die from natural causes /w one hand down my pants, the other in bag of cheetos watchin future football
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    very cick thingz

    LOL nice link dude....some of them were amazing, the eye smoker one grossed me out though.
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    you ever have one of those days where you just want to shoot yourself?

    Dude, I wouldnt be saying those things here someone could get concerned at call suicide help services or something. I remember this guy back a while ago on a different forum said he was going to shoot up his school, the people replyed with "are you serious" or something along those lines and he...
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    Trunks flamethrower???

    Personally, I dont care what the attack is, I just want Trunks to have some more moves.He has 2 unique attacks and they stink, so I'll be glad if he gets anything new in 1.2
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    ps2 online

    no, socom 2 doesnt come with a headset.....You can buy socom 1 for 39 bucks and it comes with a headset or just buy socom 1 for 20 bucks by itself, also the headset from sony cost 29 bucks so I figure just pay 10 extra bucks to get Socom 1... When you get a headset and socom 2, say in the...
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    ps2 online

    I've got Socom2 and it rocks so much, best online experience in ages. T.H.U.G gets old real fast, and if you played the story mode and thought it was hard then your going to get slaugthered by the experts online. I thought I was pretty good, getting 100,000 points in a single combo but then I...
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    What in DragonBall/Z/GT should be added??

    Frieza to be better/stronger
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    Just one dollar.

    I still got that plumbers Putty..... Also, that soy sauce tastes great on rice, maybe you should consider those... BTW, Why do u need a burning candle?
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    Just one dollar.

    Sorry, I already sent it to my Neighbor's window
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    Just one dollar.

    I can sell you a 128MB Radeon 9100 PCI for practically nothing. I want 40 bucks plus the shipping to be paid by u. only in the united states too.
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    Just one dollar.

    I can send you one of the following, however: 1) Plumbers Putty 2) A Burning Candle 3) Soy Sauce. PICK YOUR PRIZE
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    Just one dollar.

    Ditto. Get a job and Cut that Hair
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    Things so cute you want to squeeze them to death.

    My Girl :) Mogu Pillows (so fun to squeeze)