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    Today's news update

    Excuse my logic, but how is it even possible for a multiplayer action game to be "too easy"? Your opponents have all the same opportunities as you do, and unless ALL the competition playing 1.2 is somehow worse than those playing 1.1, I fail to see what you mean. I think 1.1 players are just...
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    [Official] ESF Appreciation Thread

    I know I haven't been around on these forums for months and months, but when I moved and got a new computer, ESF was one of the first things I loaded onto it. It's still crazy fun, and all those 12 year old jerks out there who criticize it are entirely missing the point. It's running on an...
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    sensi beans or whatever they are called

    Sensus literally litter the riverbed in esf_riverside, just fly in turbo along the floor, you'll pick up plenty of them. And remember, always use them when you're below 10 hp, because they restore your PL to what it was before it started going down. Very cool :)
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    i dont get ESF players....

    To the person who couldn't kill the Goku, it could be sensu beans. If you were playing on esf_riverside, that map has plentiful sensu beans he could have been using after each melee hit. Your mouthbeam might have just killed him before he could use any.
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    Where are tha best mods 2 download at?

    You cannot download a new character, you can only download a new model to replace an old one. For example, you could download a King Kold model, but you would have to name it "frieza.mdl" and replace the original freiza model to be able to use it. The readme file for the model should say what...
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    ssj3 pl in saiyan mode

    The point is, you don't gain 50 mill PL from fighting someone at 100 Mill. you gain more than you would from fighting someonea t your own level, but not nearly that much. Plus as you caught up to them, you'd gain less and less, and most likely they'd keep massacreing you (First of all they...
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    ? Ki and PL are two different things. And besides, KI management helps in melee, but not in bearming. A transed Vegeta is going to kill you wih a Big Bang regardless of how high your KI is. Don't get me wrong, I own transed people all the time, I'm usually the top scorer on servers, I'm just...
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    Yeah I don't think SBC is cheap. If someone is dumb enough to get into a PS with it, then you'll win sure, but it's because they were stupid and let you do that. Most people are smarter than that. SBC does less damage than Kame and also of course has a smaller blast radius. Don't get me...
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    Yeah the speed thing is really annoying, he is actually the slowest transed, despite his 1.5 trans setback and other things....
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    I just don't see scattershot being useful. If I'm in a fight against a really good players, we're going to be mostly meleeing, where Piccollo doesn't do so well (lower speed and the PL problem), with maybe some beams like Gallit Gun that are fast to come out, or Kame cuz it's harder to see it...
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    SSJ2 and other Transformations in ESF

    No, I don't think there should be any interaction between that SSJ3 and the lower level people...think about it, when Goku goes SSJ3 in the series, could, for example, Goten even scratch him? Obviously not. Those lower level people couldn't hurt him by the rules of the series, so if my idea...
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    Actually, I think he looks just fine....I don't need a fancy transed model with Piccollo, the point of him I think is less flashy, more technique and finesse...but unfortunately his "finesse" type moves aren't done well enough. he should have at least one more move, and scatter shot should be...
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    It has occurred to me that Piccollo doesn't really match up to almost any other character in ESF. Every char except him has a unique and useful advantage or many of them, and he really doesn't. Think about this: All the saiyans have an advantage of a 2x trans, which Piccollo does not, and...
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    SSJ2 and other Transformations in ESF

    Um whoever wrote that long thing, doesn't seem to be addressing the topic at all. The point is, if more transformations are added, going SSJ3 would bring your PL much higher than the average, thus causing unbalance. But I don't think that will happen. What they could do is create blast radius...
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    Stupidest Moment in DBZ

    Jeez, Sailor, chill out. Why do you think it takes so much "love" for the series to "post on a forum on the internet"? You talk as if doing that requires a lot of work or something....Anyway, wtf are you talking about with the biblical stuff? Buddha is not in the bible, and neither is Satan...