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    Do you believe in God. Yes or No?

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    Freeza Disk Question

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    One word story

    Once upon Specter lived an ecchi life happly and with some goats, until the big green kitten mauled those goats. Specter got his dog with the big laser attached to his
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    OMG! this guy lives upto his name!

    Hey I dunno but I think it was me that called you a block whore. It was just me and the person. He did nothing but block more than half the time just wishing that you would land a counter on me. I still beat him though. Then I called the person a block whore. I didn't mean it personally its just...
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    Most frustrating things in ESF?

    Hey Cheeto101 you are contradicting yourself man. You need to stop complaining about peeps complaining. Maybe some of us enjoy complaing. I don't think the ESF team really gets pissed off about it; they read what they want to read and ignore what they want to ignore and by the number of replies...
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    Most frustrating things in ESF?

    I hate it when I am owning a person for the longest time and they start talking junk as soon as people come in. Then thats when I slip up and make stupid mistakes. he calls me a noob then leaves lol. I was so mad!
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    Clan Fights!!!!!!!

    Hey this is Clan {AF} and we are looking for a good 2 on 2 clan match. We would like a good challenge so if you think you can take us e-mail me at [email protected] and we will schedule out a time and place.
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    Fav SSJ Hair

    I think that USSJ trunks has the best hair. It is just so tight how his hair is all over the place.