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    For Dutch People:

    check out this site and awnser 5 simple questions svp. it's voor a school asignment! Thanx
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    Is Sadam really captured this time? (Merged threads)

    have you heard, they've got Sadam :) ! if he's a war criminal, he wil be trialed in The Netherlands :laff:, ofcourse, if Bush and his toy boy Blair want to :rolleyes: !
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    The Picture of Everything, not much......only..........almost everibody!! old, and the new crew! lol :rolleyes:
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    The Picture of Everything

    i think whem he just was a child, his parent's never bought him caryons and paper. so now he's suffering from a post-youth-drawing-trauma, and het feels the excessive need to draw, lol! :]
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    Why Earth Special Forces And Not Bid for Power

    to be honest, i'm not even a great fan of the quake 3 engine. for some reason, don't ask me why, it's not that nice! (but that's me, i even think that the image quaity of our new tv is to good, that it takes away the fun of movie's). and BTW go complain somewhere else a*****e!
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    The Picture of Everything

    yes he is! a friend of mine saw him, but i don't know where.
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    The Picture of Everything

    There is a good chance that waldo is in there, must be! the waldo pics are tiny things compared to this. hmmm, had to move the game to this thread (tutchy people). ok, the person ya all have to look for is: MALCOLM-X :]
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    The Picture of Everything GAME!

    lol, ya fotgot to say for what we have to look now! i'll choose one again : "MALCOLM X" :]
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    The Picture of Everything GAME!

    don't think so, that was about the site, this is the game.
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    The Picture of Everything GAME!

    well, let's try a little game. i say the name of a person or thing in The Picture of Everything, and the first one who finds it wins. the person who wins, gets to choose witch new person or thing has to be found! if you find it, post the link. always check the link, because it doesnt always...
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    The Picture of Everything

    Thanx! I saw him, now i feel complete! check here for goku: and go down 1 time. picture it, if he would sell just 1 copy! he and his family would be sued for millions for the next 500 years!
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    i've waited all my life for this!!! first thinh i thought when i saw the finale matrix battle: when are they going to make a dbz movie! i just hope they take the time 2 make it, ant that they don't rush it!!!
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    The Picture of Everything

    after a while i thought the same thing, poor dude! cool though!
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    The Picture of Everything

    check out this site, you can find annything and annyone on that picture! it is sooo sweet and huge! can't find DBZ Team on it :( , damn shame!
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    Revolutions Kicked Ass - Critics On Drugs(Lots of Spoliers)

    the dock fight was sweet, little matrix action, end could be better. the end was soo great, when the battle started i only thought: when are they gonna make a dbz movie, it is so possible!