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    siggy request!

    I will use this if you dont ;)
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    Power Struggle Explosion

    I dunno if this has been mentioned before, but I did not see anything on my 5 second glance down the forum. I was watching dbz the other day, and I came across an explosion during a powerstruggle. It would be pretty interesting if this happened: 2 (or more) people had a power struggle...
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    new old style sig.

    The blending of the text is good, other than that I don't like it. It kind of looks like you just cropped an image and put your name in. Plus the grunge style isnt very good anymore. I recently viewed a tutorial one of my friends made, and as he says it, simple is sometimes the best. Ill show...
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    A Signature Request D:

    whats his username
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    C4D Wicked Video Tutorial

    Its only the first half... file was too big for youtube, secondpart is on my website
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    C4D Wicked Video Tutorial

    I just made this tutorial to promote my website and stuff, so I thought I might as well post it on here. --------------------------------------------------- :: Outcome :: --------------------------------------------------- :: Information :: This tutorial has 41 layers. It is not planned...
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    Yet another new tag

    mmm i thought i did ok with the text since my text is always bad
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    Yet another new tag

    yet another new sig:
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    Easy photoshop tutorial: Light Abstract

    Thanks Synth :D Ill start making more tutorials once i get my school work done :D
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    Another tutorial...

    lol yeah that was when i was very bad at gfx xD... and no i did not copy other tutorial... that was my default style for quite some time btw, the best place to get good brushes is at
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    New Kiackass Hard Style:: Good sig ^^

    yeah I know the text us bad... didn't have time to fix it last night, but this style took me 2 hours to finish =\ and an hour to get all the right renders for it, And I had to pay gr credits for it too so I can't post it here :'(
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    New Kiackass Hard Style:: Good sig ^^

    Check this out:
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    New Style, New Sig

    Comments are welcomed... remember I just tried this style and yes it does have a border... I just didnt want a plain black border :P
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    Problem with Photoshop.

    Download the photoshop rc3 beta :D
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    :: New ::

    I rendered it myself... It low quality, I can guarantee that