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    new characters

    Well, I might not have been here long but i have seen people post the exact same people and are always shot down. Espcailly brolly, take some tike to read the forums to see wahts going on next time.
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    Freeza's Beam Attack

    If you have ever played budoki or however you spell it (im not a good speller :S ) anyway, he DOES have a beam called deathbeam so if he did have a beam attack i think it should be called death beam.
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    Krillin's Second transformaton????

    I've herd about new transformations coming up, well what is Krillin's second transformation going to be? ( Let alone he never even transforms O_o )
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    whats your favprite attack?

    FINAL FLASH!!!! yea. I too like to see big explosions.
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    New Characters

    I have a pretty good idea for gotenks check out my thread on the sugguestions page.
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    Help with the avatar icons

    fair enough :rolleyes: is that ditto with the little alias think between your name and avatar?
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    New Character

    Ok here is my views on a new character. That character is... Gotenks! His starting PL would be around vegeta or goku. Say like 725,000. His transform would be 2,000,000 His attacks: Angelic Halo- An attack that he uses on Buu. I would make it sothat you charge it and fire it like a ki...
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    Help with the avatar icons

    Some one please tell me how to get my own avatar icon because i have a picture i want to use (no its not porn)