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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    Dead? I all but forgot about this game. Just remembered all the fun times I had between 2004 - 2010 or so. Good times.
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    Revan vs ESFn00b (Okazaki Tomaya) duel ESF 1.2.3

    Entertaining. =P
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    Is it possible to escape to Melee Simple

    Dodge? Teleport? Anticipate your opponents moves better? Yes.
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    ESF need to step the game up

    Spirit Bomb charged much much faster.
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    Why don't you just release it?

    You should try working on your condescending replies. It might make more of an impact.
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    Why don't you just release it?

    I've been playing ESF since my late teen years. I am now 32 with 2 kids a nice job and car. I've already started looking into setting up my will in case something unthinkable were to happen. I have been considering adding to it that I want my Tombstone to read, "Still waiting for ESF Final"
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    ESF Tournament

    - If a server crash should occur, the match must be restarted fresh. That could be interesting.... so.... If I'm about to lose.. I could just force a server crash! lol
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    [New Mod] Damaera's Special Forces

    Nah that's still 10+ years in the making. You must wait for what may or may not be the best DSF game you've ever seen.
  9. Demize - Earth's Special Forces Lithuanian community

    Just played there and no one spammed telesense to my surprise :o Was kinda enjoyable.
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    I remember getting spanked back in early 1.1 by all the apes. Good times. LOL
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    ESF Tournament 2014

    "North America and Canada"? o.O Canada is apart of North America.
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    Question about the release

    Expect the release when the format of gaming changes to another thing all together. Sometime around the release of Virtual Reality games plugged into your brain stem.
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    Cant see any servers HELP

    I was going to say firewall too... lol
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    Mouse freaks out

    Disable the auto-aim! =P
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    No server activity?

    Except you wait for people and when they join they scream out, CHEATER! and ragequit. o.O