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    about the site...

    esf team, u might want to update the file sctor which indicates that the current beta is 1.1, and the gallery that contains pictures from the early 1.1 and the 1.0
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    lags in server....

    hello, somebody? anybody?
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    lags in server....

    i have a server, in 1.1 is worked smoothly with great fps and no lags at all. but after installed 1.2, it lags like hell, i used to have 20-40 ping there, and now i have 120-220. i have tried it on steam and on won. it lags both ways. what should i do?
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    1.2 special combos

    where can i get the 2 videos from the release party?
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    1.2 special combos

    if you figured them both out, plz, share with us.
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    adv. meele question.

    you should read the manual and the archive about the adv. melee before asking those questions. they clearly said a bubble will apear around the 2 players that are in the hand to hand combat to signal everyone that they are in bettle and they are immuned.
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    The new explosion...

    will the new explosion sprites will have an effect on the fps?
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    will the bug of esf with the C-D ever be fixed?

    you think there are no people who can write their own cheats?? i personally know one who has written a cheat that keeps his ki bar full. and you still havent answered my question, will it be fixed?
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    will the bug of esf with the C-D ever be fixed?

    will the "colored models" bug of esf with cheating death ever be fixed?
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    it looks like a real headache for my fps :\
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    Recovering Quastion

    he is not a newbie, but there is a fast recover, i think its a bug, when u get hit in air, and u fly back from it, and instad of stopping and then start swooping, it just start swooping, i think he ment it.
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    Vegeta WIP!

    its looks great, but my god, he doesnt have a penis!!!
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    steam problem....

    10x u helped me a lot
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    steam problem....

    I installed steam, and the problem is that i cant ajust my keys. so i have to bind them, pressing putting defaults doesnt work, it just erases all the keys. is there an esf steam patch that i can install??
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    thank u :)