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    Negative ki bar

    With this idea, maybe they can put Vegeta's self-destruct. You charge up the attack until you reach your maximum negative. The more ki you started with when you charged up the attack, the stronger it is.
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    Instant replay

    Excellent idea Farago. It would be cool if was like matrix. Put it to slow motion, and the camera would rotate slowly going around you. I think there should be slow motion X2 and Fast forward X2. Maybe be even a X3.
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    Holding someone and slamming him to the floor

    Ok I read the whole thing. Yup this is an excellent idea.
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    meleeing beams

    I don't see why not put this. Only skilled and fast people would be able to this. I like this idea. :yes:
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    Smacking someone who is flipping

    Well it makes sense to put this. What, in the series they weren't aloud to hit people that were spinng or flipping after being hit? The only thing that would be cheap is to hit people after being kocked down.