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    Dominance War II

    Might go in on the Polycount side, got a few ideas going on.
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    Simple Render Thread.

    Thanks matey, got the modeling done before and looks like this now : Its still a WIP btw as I might change things before I texture etc.
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    i'm bored...

    British WW2 para XD come on, you didn't think i'd say something none WW2 did you :P
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    i'm bored...

    British WW2 para XD come on, you didn't think i'd say something none WW2 did you :P
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    Simple Render Thread.

    Something im working on for my college team project, its a LandRover but not as you know it! XD 50 cals are abit basic, but with a nice skin on they should be fine. Still alot more to do >.<
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    planet side reserves

    Instant action button? always helped me when I first started. Although sometimes random orders are shouted out to attack certain planets etc. I've been on one raid when I played that game, was pretty damn good seeing everyone in dropships going into the portal thingys.
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    planet side reserves

    I played that free account thingy, was fun for abit but the game gets old really quick (seeing as you are limited to skill points etc)
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    Simple Render Thread.

    Another WIP shot of the Panther model im working on, its my 2nd tank model and tbh some of the detail is a pain. Im sticking to mid/high polys, but I want to skin on some detail so I can get my skills up that way. EDIT: Ok new image, thats the final build of it for now. I've left space for...
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    Simple Render Thread.

    Panther model im working on while taking breaks from uv'ing weapons and vehicles. Going for mid to high poly but I want to leave some stuff off so I can try and build up my texture skills. MG is a placeholder until I get clear pics of it, but it might do with a texture on it. Still alot to...
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    Metal Gear Portable Ops.

    I 2nd that, im after a PSP just to play this game too >.<
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    Whats Best

    I've always used 3D max for weapon modeling so i'd say that, but thats just me.
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    My very second model.

    Why no side pics btw? might help to see the overall shape etc.
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    Max Tutorials?

    Google is your friend :D plus 3D buzz is also an even better friend lol.
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    a few pimps

    Good stuff mate, im looking forward to the Zbrush one. Im looking to learn it for a character idea I have.
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    "Top Ten Reasons You Failed the Dreamcast"

    God I loved that game when it first came out, I remember the huge hyper over it. I found myself staying off college just to play it on the day of release, the scale of that game really pulled you in. Ah, the good old days. Its a shame that many games don't effect me in such a way anymore...