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    its 1.2 question day!

    how big dammit
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    1.2 option for melee

    I agree 1.1 melee really does suk and i can't wait until 1.2!
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    God like Powers Has anyone?

    u play ESF way to much to get a pl that high
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    i've done both these things many many times with my friend who uses gohan and i use vegeta.gohans power shield blocks FF but only if he is ssj so no matter what the pl difference is gohan will block FF if he is ssj and as for your second question it really matters whos kamehameha it is, if it's...
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    Current Best Players?

    The best bloke i've faced in a while is Nitrosoldier i suppose it was hard because we fight the same way.U know melee,melee,generic beam,melee,gallic gun, melee but if ne of u guys see a guy named Danimoth222 then u'll kno its me and be sure to raise ur defenses up a bit coz i'm the best in...
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    whos ur fav character in esf?

    yeah i thought i'd make it interesting!
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    whos ur fav character in esf?

    thats alot of freakin threads!
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    most powerful,Most cheapest

    Vegeta is the strongest once u get 2 ssj but i suppose thats y his trans pl is so damn high the cheapest is cell because he can use that stupid special beam cannon and that ******* move frieza disk!gets me so god damn mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(hence my signature)
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    whos ur fav character in esf?

    my fav character is vegeta because he doesnt give a flying f*** about anybody and his music is really cool wen he transforms
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    whats the worst thing about esf?

    i really h8 disks because my friend uses frieza and krillin all the time and if he's not sneaking up behind me with a destructo or frieza disk then he's blowing the absolute crud out of me with kamehameha or death ball but i got back at him.............him and that little boy of...
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    wat the heck is open gl?
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    The MEGA THREAD of gaming manners

    oh yeah just a quick Q How do u get the big pic below ur witing 2 come up? coz i can't figure it out
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    The MEGA THREAD of gaming manners

    i'm probably newer to this game than u guys but i think that transkilling is ok because if ur stupid enuf 2 trans in the open then u deserve 2 die and if they find u at ur secret trans place while u r transing then just beat the everliving sh*t out of them and then doesnt worry me...