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    I'm Back!

    I think I remem U too..... Oh and eer, i like your sig.... :shocked:
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    I'm Back!

    LOL! Thanx!!!
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    I'm Back!

    oh sorry, ill change it soon as i can
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    I'm Back!

    Lol! Nice to meetya Jonesdaniel
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    I'm Back!

    Lol! I used to spam like there was no tommorow HEY! I still do!!! Anyways, I used to spam the irc, so i gotted banned from that too! o_o
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    I'm Back!

    I was here before the beta came out Somebody kicked me for being annoying (deverz probably) :laff:
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    I'm Back!

    [FONT=Arial] Hey, The annoying retard is back I doubt any1 will rember me thou
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    Your Fav Final Fantasy!

    its brill no questions asked blitzball,yuna
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    DBZ MOVIE!!! *insert rock the dragon here*

    ifis an eye is gotta be a android and is it comin out in the UKO_O
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    Your Fav Final Fantasy!

    ffX ROX! they actully talk,way better looks,niiiice plot,yuna;) ,a woman with a pet mog and cactaur that attacks,BLITZBALLL and loaddssss more is the best:yes:
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    Warez, cracks and hacks

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    HarSens is testing the Beta!

    *shiver* u r some kind of weirdos:shocked:
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    Small Ideas

    i gave that idea..they said no for the beta
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    sig test

    sorry i said i live in u.k and i have got also the roms of mega man also that deverz nos how old i am my reply was *pretty* lame:p
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    DBZ Diplomacy

    gokus no. 1 coz he said to gahan have u been trainin or sumit cos he thought hes crap in world tourny sags any way gokus will allways be in the story