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    Waiting for download

    Good for it being a trend sig, bad because I don't like the trend. Nice colors tho.
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    New Background

    You really should turn up the brightness/contrast on that background. I am not sure if you were going for a dark grunge look... but for now I am going to say you were. Well, if you were.. you can't get your grunge look from turning down the brightness... that wouldn't work well with your current...
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    Newest siggers

    Yea.. I am the idiot.. yet you have no idea what a brush is. Just shut up and go learn something better, and I don't see how you will make better backgrounds in 3d when it is 2 times harder. So yea, good luck with that one.
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    romance a new sig

    Good I guess, I don't like the simplistic vibe you add to everyone of your sigs. I like the colors tho, good choice.
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    Newest siggers

    Gaara.. I am thinking you don't like to learn new things, until people give you an idea.. or tell you how to do it. How about you go look it up on google, or find some decent brush tutorials.
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    Newest and best sig ^_^

    Mm, I could of swore I already have. Anyways Gaara-Kun, I can't really tell the difference between this sig, and all of your other sigs.
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    Newest and best sig ^_^

    Could you please tell me how you added variety, because I don't see where you did anything different in this sig. Oh wait... you increased the size!! Woohoo, that really helped. *sarcasm*
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    Newest siggers

    Thats an interesting statement eaz135. I wouldn't suggest using more than 3 gradient layers and blending them, but don't let his 'gradient bg= unlimited possibilities,' statement fool you. The more gradient backgrounds you use, the more complicated and crowded your sig will become. I know this...
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    Newest and best sig ^_^

    I am not to fond if it. Your background still looks like a bunch of gradient waves. Your picture does look well cut out, but that didn't really improve anything thing in this case. In every signature, your picture sits in either the left or right position of your sig. Add variety, blend your...
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    Being bored .

    Meh, stick with what you have. You don't need to go back and fix it up, just to please those people. I couldn't do any better, so I think it looks good.
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    OMG meh siggehsss

    I don't think your signature are bad, nor are they really great. But good work on what you have done so far. How long have you been making signatures?
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    New Sig

    If you want me to make you one, than fine I will. Just tell me what you want on it, and anything else you want on your signature.
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    Sig Request !!!!!

    I will help you Majin Leon. I hate seeing people get put down when they don't feel good about their art work. I can teach you (and anyone else) some really neat styles to use when making a sig. Here are a few samples of my work, if you or anyone else is interested. No I am not...
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    New Sig

    Okay, I am updating this thread with a new sig I made for a friend. Please give crits and comments on this one. This sig was A LOT harder than my first one, I got so many headaches from doing it.
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    New Sig

    *Edit* I am giving a direct link to my sig in my new forums. I tried many times to get the sig showing up in this thread, and it wouldn't. I made this sig, using a lot of animations. I used a color theme for some new forums I joined...