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    Girly man more perfect i gots more... just cant think of em.
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    i'm still in awe :O. it looks so fitting for him to be in a death god uniform.
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    What was the last anime/manga you watched/read?

    anime - last Bleach manga - Hellsing
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    Bleach Fan Addicts ONLY

    Ishida...the quincy. i'd like to see him more in the series tho. ....the blind captain even though i havent seen him do anything. and of course... DON KANONJI!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!
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    Yo Momma Jokes ( Make them up here!)

    yo mama so dumb, she bought a tv dinner and waited for it to come on. yo mama so black, she doesnt bleed, she smokes. you mama so dumb, she threw a rock at the ground and missed. yo mama so tall, she did a back flip and kicked jesus in the head. yo mama so ugly, she gives freddy...
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    Naruto Cartoon Network Preview Trailer

    that preview was already posted in another thread...
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    Naruto English Dub Cancelled Confirmed!!

    i thought the preview was pretty cool. they present the show in a completely different way than i would expect("everyone is a bully").
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    weird question....

    things in future trunks' timeline probably went a lot different after the destruction of the androids. you cant really assume that other villians were the same as in the regular timeline.
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    Naruto episode 135 - The Promise That I Could Not keep (...might be some spoilers).

    you know what? screw all of you guys that think chouji should have died! but uh... yeah, i wanted at least one of the good guys to die even if it was chouji or neji. it kinda sux that the new hokage is the best medical ninja ever. but hopefully she'll die and then we'll get to see some good...
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    Naruto 134: The Conclusion of the Rain of Tears

    i was just thinking that if he believed he killed naruto in that fight, maybe it is possible for him to obtain it. and of course he's too weak to kill orochimaru now. but after seeing and training with him for almost three years, i think he'd be able to kill both orochimaru and kabuto. it...
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    PS3 Revealed (High Res Images)

    ...i was going to ask the same question.
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    Naruto 134: The Conclusion of the Rain of Tears

    i get the feeling that sasuke is going to kill orochimaru. does anybody here think that sasuke actually obtained the mangekyou sharingan?
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    Best Fight

    i second that motion.
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    [Spoilers] Naruto 133 discussion

    thats exactly what i was thinking. the manga version of this episode seems bland now. actually, i dont remember seeing much of those fighting sequences in the manga at all. is it just me or does this fight make sasuke and naruto look waaaaay to powerful? true. to me, if you were to...
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    Naruto and DBZ

    i think the 4th hokage could match goku's speed... maybe? and all hed have to do is put some genjutsu on him and then go to work.