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    Harry Potter or a 12 Gauge Shotgun

    swordchucks, yo.
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    beta 1.2 outline!!!

    Its a trick! Joe's trying to trick us! Get him!
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    Ragnarok going P2P

    we are the beta testers O_o and gravity just plain sucks. I mean really, a lot. They give horrible lag, almost no features compared to kRO, then ask for money. I'd rather play everquest. Or, as thecase may be, on a private server, which I am.
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    Bee on String.

    its a stunt if you hold the string while the bee flies around. the thing can sting you.
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    Ragnarok fun

    Its free if you do the smart thing and play on a private server. muahaha death to gravity and the corporation! run free my brethren!
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    8bit's sig was thebest >_< how could you make him make it smaller. And as for kawaii, I WISH people did not know what it meant. GOd I hate that word >_< Actually what I hate is 'wannabe japenese' people, who know like three words and abuse them extremely, but thats a whole nother topic. I...
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    Cute Avatars

    eviltrun's is. my god I can't stop staring at her >_< argh.. must have...
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    1.1 is amazing

    I think all the positive posters were busy playing :P hence the negative nancies (omg, yes, I did just say that) are getting the most posts in.
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    1.1 is 1.0 ><

    the patch ain't workin for me. its teh suck. It feezes at looking for peviously installed components
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    New news on the live action movie

    didn't you hear? pee wee herman is playing goku! :P
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    Your RO Stats?

    .5 - 1% is huge, especially lin later levels. Man, if you're this ipatient now... :P
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    100% Canadian!!!!

    bit off topic, but anyone here listen to the arrogant worms?
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    How do you see people?

    I picture Hsu as an evil lizard ninja. Don't ask why. majin_you as death, blade as one of em knives from RO, and countless others as lowly mooks. Edit By Hsu "Lizard Queen"
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    *Sigh* Bots on the forum

    I think he may mean a forium bot, or something about search engines. elaboration would help. or he could be a crooked insurance salesman making people donwload a bunch of spyware/bots O_o
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    Your RO Stats?

    You haven't heard bout em? Yeah, they're basically kro, but with very few people. Less than 100. Little lag, usually higher exp/drop rates. very fun. Search for em on google, might find one ye like.