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    constant crashing problem

    hello again, I am having a crashing problem with esf for awhile now. I have looked on this board for answers/faqs and have found none. The game crashes everytime I play (unless I quit before it crashes) :rolleyes: But I never got past 4 million pl. I only experience this problem with esf mod...
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    it cant change cause its hard coded, but that should be fixed after the next release or patch. In the future there should also be a way to keep on adding models instead of just replacing old models, oh hells yea!
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    some esf ideas

    lol i dont lack the ability to type full words, i got used to chatting with shorter words. makes life easier! hmm i didnt know that krillin can do that that damn it my mistake lol
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    some esf ideas

    ohh i like number 7 thats a new one!the last 2 would cause hl to slow down though nice ideas some are certain to be added like the androids. what is dueling?
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    Monkey form, After images, etc..

    i posted something similar to number 3 but with more indetail , go check the post i made "some esf idea"
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    some esf ideas

    some of these ideas may have been suggested so just bare with me n dont flame 1)when swooping to some one and the locked on person teleports the lock-on should be deactivated, it only makes sense cause if someone dissapears out of thin air how would u still go at full speed towards them?! thats...
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    wall jumping

    it would be really good if you were melee and you were heading towards a wall u would bounce back if you held the buttons
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    Hit Boxes

    yea that is true and hopefully this is on the to be fixed list. beam hit boxes need to be smaller but the current small fireballs are okay.
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    Opinon poll: which model needs tweaking?

    gohan need some work because he doesnt look like he has the right proportions of a child. He looks like an average man but scaled down to a childs height. do you know what i mean?
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    freeza disk idea

    i think the current freeza disk doesnt live up to the control the anime does so i have an idea that would work. before u start to charge for ur disk, i think a secondary fire SHOULD put in in 1st person mode, but this first person mode you should be able to move the disk at will, as if you...
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    Grabing A Person!!

    i think a good idea would be what if two people were trying to grab eachother, both would lock on head to head and would start kneeing each other (goku vs vegita in the majin buu saga). also a toss to the ground or wall is a must for grabbing, there should always be options for everything. the...
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    Loaning Power

    thats a great idea, but it would work is there was some sort of story mode or some sort of elimination mode like counter strike, where the weak would give their strongest party member their power.
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    battle arena bug

    i dont know if this was mentioned but in battle arena the worldspawn kills you ll the time, it just keeps killing me and everyone that is either in the center of the dome or is just respawning, its pretty funny too lol
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    cant play mp3

    got it fixed! I just reinstalled esf and it worked ahah haha anyways thanx for such a great game
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    cant play mp3

    yes i have made myown playlist with mp3 i have downloaded but they dont play in esf , nor the default mp3 work. BUt when i play the old esf the mp3 player works? which is very weird