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    Could not load library client.dll! grr.

    try also to reinstall if that didnt work
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    Client DLLs

    try reinstalling
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    Hey guys I need help

    its because you need to install half-life first and the the counter strike and the esf but since you dont have half life it will give you the massage all the time
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    help please openGL

    the problem is that i cant upgrade my comp its on board!
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    help please openGL

    os: windows 98 se ram: 128 mg vid card: NVIDIA Aladdin TNT2 cpu: 1000 mgh
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    help please openGL

    well how do i check if my video card supports opengl and how do i check if the video is set to open gl?
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    help please openGL

    when i start a game it says loading and then it continues to load and when it start the game i hear the players move and jump but i cant see a thing the screen i full of colors and its dont do a thing when i press the Esc and then i press resume its then stuck and i need to press Ctrl+Alt+Del...
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    power strggle help!

    sometimes when i play with bots and i enter a power struggle then the struggle is not ending i mean nobody wins and i cant stop or do anything exept for exit the game and even when my power is off its not stopping how to fix it?