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    couple of new siqs

    i have to say i like the naruto one a lot better then the gaara
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    Attemp at something new (from me)

    its very different, but i dont mean that in a bad way. I dont see to many sigs like that, and seeing this its actually a cool style i guess. :yes:
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    2 new Sigs

    i have to say the first one is better, im not to big on the second ones background, but its not horrible.
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    ph34r Kuwa's new sig..

    haha thats freakin hilarious man, im lovin it :laff:
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    Spawn sig

    well i have had this for a while and just never showed it to anyone, so im looking for some c&c i guess.... :] should be fixed
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    Nav tried to brush <_< >_>

    i have to say thats pretty sweet, and i like the character (cant recall his name, but yeah its pretty sweet). I also like the green color
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    i guess is not bad, looks as the same style though as in your naruto sig.
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    Pixel Art

    hehe, yeah just keep postin the ones you DO make....ill agreee with that.
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    Pixel Art

    i dont think his doin anymore then a few i wouldnt count on it.
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    Pixel Art

    hehe, i know the list is only building up, but i thought if would see if you could make a sasuke with is sharingan eyes and maybe somthin with the cursed seal. I dont expect it soon, put if you put it on your list i would appriciate it. ;)
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    1.1 is amazing

    props to the team:talk:
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    yeah i dl the patch version and i can play just on slective servers
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    is there anyway to fix this???
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    i got the same problem i tried reinstalling it but didnt work though it works on only some servers of course i dl the patch 1.1 if that might even be a problem i dont know yet
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    some ideas

    ok just whenever esf decieds to put in the ssj3 they could have it to where your ki goes down faster cause he cant stay in it as long and are u going to fix the gohan cause the hair looks weird