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    Erm some EVM Pics

    Damn nice pics keep up tha good work
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    goku ssj

    looks good till now except for the colour of the clothes and the skin.. it looks to dark
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    Darksun Goku

    yeah any updates?
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    Esf Vegeta Skined

    picture and dl link doesnt work
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    Goten WIP

    looks good till now
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    New Matrix Sig!

    yeah agree with gotenksownz and the gohan sig i much better1
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    Smo's Goku

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    your first model replacement

    then you did not installed them correctly
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    your first model replacement

    no i dont think so cuz this is about esf models
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    your first model replacement

    my first model replacement was great saiyaman for 1.0 and i dl it at gsf. and how about you guys>? your first replacement?
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    The Matrix has you...

    that matrix style is so easy! you can make it in 5 minutes
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    Cell Saga Goku

    looks very good but the skincolour is needs to be darker
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    My new XP logon screen

    woow!! i love that logon screen. how do you put a new logonscreen for your computer
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    Brolly in progress =

    wow! thats really nice work! but the mouth needs some work
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    First animated sig

    i think the same as X. but where do you uupload your pics? i used free-host but that doen't excist anymore :(