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    Cell's Aura

    I was playing with cell and i noticed his aura is GREEN. YEt if you watch the entire cell saga, his aura is gold, because he has the ssj strength with him in each form thanks to the saiyans....just a thought. Basically cell's auras should be gold. *edit* There is one instance 2nd form...
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    The superkamehameha is the attack used whenever the charge time exceeds like, 6 seconds. LIke when he is preparing to PS the gallit gun, or when cell aims a kamehameha over earth, or the infamous cell gohan ps. The regular kamehameha is just a quick beam. This also brings up beam...
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    mele spam

    I know i suggested that beams have directional explosions, but i meant that for all moves. If you also read my ENTIRE speech (which i doubt), you would have noticed i said that explosions from beams should do considerably less damage And that directional explosions from DIRECT HITS should...
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    Ssj2 ???????????????????

    It is possible to do the spaking thing. It will probably be one of the main things that you can tell the transformations apart (lets face it, ssj and ssj2 dont look very different for most saiyans) Like he said, its a sprite, it needs programmed. It wont take too much memory though...
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    mele spam

    Ok, lets get one thing strait, When i play im usually in the top 2 or 3 players out of 16. SO i have played that game quite a bit. What im trying to say is this: When you get kicked/slammed/****ed up, whatever you want to call it, someone from the other team is behind you, then they press...
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    Transformation Conflicts/Problems

    Cell has 2 perfect forms: Perfect Cell SSJ2 Cell (ultra perfect cell) Goku does Go USSJ, i know you guys are thinking, "aw we dont need that"....but i'm just saying he does. He does it in front of Gohan, and tells him he wont use it because he loses too much speed.;/ Uh, gohan has his...
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    mele spam

    Well, here's my gripe. I get up, and I charge up a final flash, almost releasing it, and then i get melee'd at the last second. WEll, ok, thats kewl. I respawn. I'm flying across the map. Ok, i manage to get back up.....but then i am flying to the other side of the map. I am struggling to...
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    Gallit Gun Animation

    After lookin at episode 23 and the gallit gun is ESF, i finally noticed what is wrong with this animation. The feet position is wrong, he should look like he's kneeling on his right knee, and the other leg should be at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Uh, I cant seem to post a picture on my...
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    Problem with Gohan

    Hmm, also had this problem, but when i selected someone else then gohan, it seemed to be fixed. I think its just a bad looping structure in the code.
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    Melee good or bad you decide. (Official Melee Post)

    First of all, no double posting, Edit your last message. Moderators frown upon double posts. I personally dont like the idea, once you have someone targeted, its a melee to the death. I personally like a balance between beams and melee, but lets face it, there are a lot of melee whores out...
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    i am new and i need help please.

    thats enough outa you, raditz. Thats onyl cuz you were gohan and i was stupid trunks..... lol bones, are they roughing you up in there, hahahaha
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    Gamespy ID is free. Just follow the registration process and it all works out. Half life costs i think around 30 bucks, but you can get the platinum edition for around 40-50 bucks. (this includes cs, TFC, opp. force, and blue ****) Any other mods you can download for free.
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    Super Buu WIP

    yeah good job man. Like you said, the head needs work, but the body looks awesome! I have to agree with the crotch thing though......
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    What transformation music you using for trunks? Destruction example "so this is a super-saiyan..." that music Trunks' ssj theme. I cant remember when this is played... hmmm, cant think of anything else for trunks... Vegeta has his ssj theme (think ff or when he shoots cell so gohan...
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    Grand Theft Auto : Vice City

    oh the 29th? haha, no wonder i couldnt find it yet....