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    C++ Owns.

    I bought a 30 dollar book the other day and am starting to learn C++. I learned about #define if statements hmm cout and some other basic stuff. If Harsens or PcJoe would like to comment it would be cool. I'm going to make a program tonite with a basic text message lol. I was just wondering how...
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    Should the Androids be in ESF? | VOTE |

    I vote for 16 because he is my favorites out of the androids plus he's one of the first ones to convert good thats my thought.
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    Serious Problem For Admins...

    I was on that game soulstriker. I believe he was not hacking .
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    When Damnit... WHEN!

    Proud I'm just starting modeling and I might just make a c-17 model. He's pretty cool but i'm learning might take me a week. I probably will get shjinng to skin it.
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    I donno if anyone has noticed....(FPS Problems?)

    Yes I tottaly agree with Prince. I experiance FPS issues most of the time. I think it's bad netcode.
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    Black Star Dragon Balls

    I havent seen them but they must be good because proud works hard on his stuff unlike me lol :)
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    The Zanzoken Attack?

    Yes i agree with proud prince they should do that.
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    New Years Eve tournament!

    sry canceleed due to earlier tourney
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    New Years Eve tournament!

    Hi this is CCF. Post here if you would like to enter the tournament for new years eve. Here are the rules . Elimination 8 ppl if u hit the ground or get killed you lose. Server will be Called NEW Tourney 8 ppl ip Sign up here note 2 slots are taken up by me and one other clan...
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    ???Request for a "Strategies" Forum???

    Yes I tottaly agree with Proud_Prince. I think there should be a forum for strategies if anyone agrees plz post.
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    Some of the hitboxes are too big is this a glitch?
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    Ok sry i'll read next time.
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    Dbz Tournament

    starting tourney right now....
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    Sensu beans

    I can't seem to find them can someone help me. Also what maps are they in?:cry:
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    Dbz Tournament

    Game name will be Dbz Tournament Pass 1337 ip is shjin wats ur aim again i had to reformat my harddrive?