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    Yes.. We are still alive!

    Screenshot? :P
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    You....think it would be cool to release an unfinished game that is unplayable? ....Huh.....weird. Also, the mod IS released, 1.2.3 is perfectly playable. :P
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    Star Citizen Have fun. :P
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    Nothing new

    As sky said, the discord gets far more updates than the site or even the forum. And also a lot more activity so can always join and have a chat with folks, including the devs.
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    Star Citizen

    Two hundred.....and eighty-eight dollars.....on a game.....good lord man O_O
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    Damn sky, triple posting. ;P I'm sure hlev will approve of the right-angled avatars. Afterall, if it isn't a right angle it's a wrong angle. :P
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    Or maybe a choice? Would it be possible to implement an option on the profile/avatar edit screen to have square, round, elliptical, or maybe even square with rounded edges pictures? Doesn't make much difference to me as I don't mind what shape they are, just wondering.
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    You don't like our balls, hlev? :P
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    I like the new forum

    I guess with the forums waking up a little from such a long slumber we're bound to get some slip ups now and then. :P
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    I like the new forum

    Tut tut, double posting, for shame. :P
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    I like the new forum

    Glad to see the forum banner is back now. :)
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    I like the taste of your testing.
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    I like the new forum

    I like the taste of your sins.
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    hello, double here. :P

    hello, double here. :P