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    Photoshop fun!

    Did you draw this wow great job but in photoshop can give it more life.
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    3d Terrain Pieces

    I like the mountains and stuff but think work better with a lord of the rings game.
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    Nice Brushes

    Okay thanks i well try that next time.
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    wallpaper collage

    I love all of it if have msn i would like to talk to you about those powerful wallpapers
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    Sprites? Help please!

    YA i use PS7 to because the new Ps is to much money i go to [URL][URL] all the time
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    first "animated" sig

    wow guys how do you do this Animation on the sigs
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    I don't think you suck but we can all just keep on trying and get better.:D
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    Evil Anakin

    Well i think it is great but more detail or same thing like that but it is cool.:D
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    Nice Brushes

    This Brushes are great thanks alot so were do i find more on google like i do lol.
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    Character Designs

    Nice i think they are great but they lake deapth but it is still great sketchs.:D
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    Kingdom Hearts: Forgotten Soul of Key ( Wallpimps)

    Well i think that all of your wallpapers are good and kewl but this are great and how did you do that shadow with the text?
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    basic combo hits??

    Will throw him in to same thing then blast him again to kill him i say that new fighting comb thing is very hard thats why you need to learn.
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    Attacks, Explosions.

    I anderstand how the KI and stuff work but same thing is still not make sense so normal sprite bomb is the same if you go super sayian cool.
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    Trunk's Sword

    Yes trunks is a man and that i heard a new model is comeing out with a awesome sword.
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    Attacks, Explosions.

    The ki is to show how meany things you can do in that turn you have to blast same thing.