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    I made a brolly model

    Yes I will be making the model smaller lol i made it to big lol:rolleyes:
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    I agree with vegeta that tails will be good but only if you pick tthe person that you want a tail.
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    I made a brolly model

    sorry for the problem i have to have some one to fx it i made it to big
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    I made a brolly model

    K ill give u some pics holy moly lol
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    I made a brolly model

    Hey people if you are looking for a brolly model here is one for you but I dont know where to put this brolly file so you guys can dl it???? got any advise??
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    How do I use ESF models?

    thanks emeka ;D :fight:
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    Ascend and descend question when having ssj3

    Yea there right so dont worry
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    How do I use ESF models?

    How do I decompile a ESF model and edit it????? So far I decompiled it with milkshape but dont know how to find the model can some one please help me?
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    SSJ2 Gohan !! Release !!

    So does this mean you wont be making the kame outfit gohan s bolt?
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    SSJ3 Gotenks model WIP

    Yeah the head for that gotenks isnt shaped right if you go and look at a pic the head is move sharp and things.
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    Gotenks in the works

    Can't wait to see the new gotenks so far it looks pimpin im gonna replace him with krillin :) also ill try to make a sound pack for him when he is released so itll be the best guy in the game.
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    Gundam ModelS?

    Well if you guys really like Gundam models you should download the new Gundam mod for quake it has good graphics and stuff just go check it out then you wont have to make models for it...:fight:
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    ESF musik movie

    Please close this thread it is taking up space and really no point to this thread.......:fight:
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    Krillin: Do You Like Him?

    NO! i dont like krillin he is to ugly and small and howd he get 18 that BS........ They shouldnt have put him into ESF heso weak his only good attack is destructo disc and thats about all of his good moves the rest of his moves are weak and he takes to long to transform....
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    Like Farther Like Son (Buu Vegeta // Trunks)

    I cant see the pic for the trunks...:shocked: