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    Itachi Wip

    lookin very nice so far ^^
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    DELOREAN for GTA SanAndreas!

    lol, yea its been out quite a while, model looks gr8 ^_^
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    Abarai Renji [WIP]

    looking good so far... but the forehead is a bit big as sadner pointed out
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    Upload Gogeta into ESF 1.2.3

    using a model from esf-w is not illegal @ all since only U see its that model (unless some1 else has the same model)
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    model pack

    the model pack is for a esf addon called evm... (u can get it @ esf world or here )
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    make the left eye a sharingan
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    Sonic: The Chaos Of Nazo Screenshots

    looks cool ^_^
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    Sonic: The Chaos Of Nazo Screenshots

    looks cool ^_^
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    Naruto. English or Japanese?

    the new english version of naruto looks like **** subz pwn dubz
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    Melee Only Plugin

    what is the cvar for it ?>_>
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    its the sharingan :P
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    u think u can make a version where he has sharingan?
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    FINALLY some1 makes a itachi model ^_^ looks good so far :D
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    looks good, but i think the mask is a bit 2 close 2 his eye its a bit further down i think
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    Sakura wip

    yeah, and sakura NEVER uses shoes like that >_> pic= and the hair is a lil 2 short