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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    How need CPU, how many cores? Memory Ram?
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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    My opinion ESF is not dead :)
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    ESF Final "pro" gameplay similar to 1.2.3 ?

    This is not 1.3 final. This is 1.2.3 :rolleyes:
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    ESF Trailer Teaser

    Do not say that this game will be that big game requirements. This not Witcher 3.
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    ESF Trailer Teaser

    How requirements esf final ?
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    ESF Trailer Teaser

    ESF Final run to HD 5670 1GB, 6GB Ram, Athlon x2 250 3ghz?
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    ESF Trailer Teaser

    ESF Final go to steam or not?
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    Dragon Ball Unreal
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    What video card do you have?

    HD 5670 1GB :)
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    Dragon Ball Unreal
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    Dragon Ball Unreal
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    Xenoverse 2 official trailer

    Nice !
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    Dragon Ball Unreal