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    Look at my latest art work :)

    dot dot dot right. so... i want my money back? I dont see the funny ;(
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    Kenshin Wallpaper

    I dont like the way the hilt / handle of the sword just kind of fade out. other than that, looks good
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    Sketch Thread 2006

    Right .. its been a while since ive posted anything .. Ive been drawing alot latly. Heres my latest
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    yeah .. its a ***** .. i Have to take out my eyebrow ring every time i go to work -_- damn thing still tries to heal up, even though ive guaged it, and had it for like 6 months. Its gonna be a lil while b4 i get around to gettin my tongue and labrete done.
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    I have my cartilage done, my earlobe, my eyebrow, I'm planning on getting my labret, and my tongue peirced
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    Official Video Thread o/

    Congratulations .. you just killed me omfg that was histerical.
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    Have any odd quirks?

    When I drive, I ALWAYS have the windows down, rain / sleet / snow / sun it doesnt matter, my windows are down, and my left arm is probly hanging out the window. Which makes things interesting because I drive a stick shift, and I hardly use my breaks, I perfer to downshift. Also .. I like...
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    Spore Gameplay Overview [Video!]

    There will proly be a 64 bit version, but I doubt we will see any 64 bit only releases of any software untill well after Vista is released.
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    what grinds your gears?

    I hate ****ers that cut in line at the gas station I work at, and slam 35 dollars worth of quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies, on my counter and say Pump 6, while im dealing with another customer. I want them to die.
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    Have any odd quirks?

    Lmfao I have too many quirks to list here I hate when people do things they think are cute ... but actually arent cute .. and infact irritate the piss out of me. EX a friend of mine says "Chuuuuu" everytime something is bugging her, and she does the whole slouch shoulder thing while...
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    I found a cool site about TELEKINESIS energy.

    tbh .. im glad humans can only use 10 % of their brains to kill eachother. I mean .. honestly .. we dont need a bunch of Retards wearing matrix clothing running around flinging bent spoons at eachother, while ass hats wearing Mortal Kombat outfits run around flinging people around...
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    Can you guess who this is? :P

    well its not an insult x] ^_^ Not a compliment either, just an opinion I dont know who this nova person is, so .. -shrug- its a good sketch though ^_^
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    I found a cool site about TELEKINESIS energy.

    Its not that telekenesis is so absurd .. its how this jackass goes about presenting his Idea. If telekenesis was really that simple, more people would be doing it. infact his website wouldnt have sucked so bad, because he could have used his brain to make someone who doesnt suck balls at...
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    Spore Gameplay Overview [Video!]

    yeah .. I gotta admit, the Animation generating and blending was very impressive. Makes me wonder if it actually calculates a center of mass, and thinks how it could move to sustain balance. Or what. This really seems to be turning out like the Fable that poor ol peter could never create...
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    I found a cool site about TELEKINESIS energy.

    Id say bogus. Even If the human race was capable of Telekenesis, we are incapable of grasping how to do it. while I dont dismiss the idea that Someday down the human race's Evolutionary chain, we might be able to perform some kinds of telekenesis, or what have you The way this person...