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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    when you start a game goto configuration then clik on video then video modes and then open gl. you have to have a video card that supports it tho...
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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    that same freezing problem happend to me... all i did wuz upgrade my ram to 256 and it totally fixed the problem :D
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    melee too close idea

    akin=???? O_o :confused:
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    Two Big Ideas

    well i like most of ur ideas but there won't b ne ssj4 n esf but the rest are really good ideas gj :yes: ;D
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    melee too close idea

    ok i have a minor suggestion for melee... i don't know if its possible or not b/c im no coder but newayz... me and my friend were playin and relised we couldn't melee each other when were right next to each other... well we came up wit a coo idea wut if when that happens you go in sort of a...
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    Who do you think is the best Character?

    i would haveta say gohan he transforms REALLY fast and then you can own ne one while your ssj so he's my pick.
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    Who do you think is the best Character?

    imo = in my opinion
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    Hi am new user

    beta 1... and welcome to the forums;D enjoy :smile:
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    ESF Sound Pack

    downloading now hope its good ;/ lol jk im sure it will be i hate those dying sound :P
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    Splinter Cell!!

    looks pretty cool... tho i don't have an xbox :S
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    It turns off....

    this is usually due to u running off software mode. open half-life go to custimize then video modes then clik open gl. then try to start a game if it doesnt work instead clik direct 3d :D. d3d wont crash as much but it has been know to crash.:S hope that helps ;D
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    Prob with some ESF servers

    did you download alpha 2.0 or beta??? and did you go to filter and where it says game clik ESF not ESFORCES???
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    ok you don't hold all of the dragonballs instead u make a pile of all seven and THEN make ur wish use secondary fire to set a dragon ball down and primary fire to throw it. you just set all the dragon balls in one pile and they should glow then push the use key and pick ur wish :D hope that helped;)
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    textures needed...

    well don't quote me on this but i think you haveta run off open gl to get that "quality" timechamber. but it's notin you HAVE to have it plays just as good :D:yes:
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    Ingame Crashing Problems

    k thnx :D