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    Marijuana FTW?

    Canada got the crappy job of fighting the plants, guess we're taking it up the ass now for what they ran into... God damnit.
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    That is mostly high school, maybe not around everyone. But the social system in most high schools between kids is done by popularity which is controled by being a Bully. Just nowadays its not done with violence, its mainly with words. **** talking, drama, ect.
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    Okaaayy, its been a serious while

    Something you never did. No reason to be rude to the guy, he has a muppet for an avatar, hes nice. Welcome back Vet.
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    Number one thing i've agreed with all day.
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    Best Video Game Music

    Final Fantasy. Vice City. Zelda. Red Alert. Secret of Mana. Chrono Trigger. and. Guitar Hero. Can't go wrong with any game that has Helmet in it.
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    Croc hunter croaked

    I didn't know this was a "lovesteveirwin" site. Freedom of speech man, if anyone can Praise something, anyone can give the opposite reaction. None of us even knew him, so relax and ignore things you dont like.
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    Croc hunter croaked

    Ah, so to sum it all down. Its going to show up 10 years from now.
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    ESF Mods crawling out the woodwork.

    Or went to another game, but if you want to put down people for no reason because of whatever reason. Go for it.
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    ESF Mods crawling out the woodwork.

    Uh, ok... The purpose of those mods is just to make a game they like into their opinion and for them to enjoy it, not you. They just release it for the sake of it and see others opinions on it. Nothing can be done if it becomes big. This is way old news anyways, catching up with the times are ya?
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    Croc hunter croaked

    I wish wish it was on camera, so everyone would fear the scary stingrays! haha.
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    Croc hunter croaked

    My bad, thanks for the humorous correction.
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    Croc hunter croaked

    Croc dude: 0 Animals: 1
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    Dogs + Lasers = Pwnage

    Pretty much, yeah.
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    Fall of Liberty, Nazi America

    Sounds like a Freedom Fighters 2
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    God hand, last try, new preview

    The Customation looks good.