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    Nice Game screenies

    Lucky for India the game doesn't cost much.... :D
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    Nice Game screenies

    here's one of my screenshots and another
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    What Are You Playing Now?

    Assassin's Creed 2 (replaying 3rd time) Prototype GTA IV Arkham Asylum (replaying it the 6th time) Indigo Prophecy (replaying 3rd time) Far Cry 2
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    No more week updates

    Living with it?? For argument's about most of the people quit playing ESF?? Then live with your development and play it among your inteam without being recognized around the world....ESF wouldn't be half where it is if not for the've got your point yes, but hitting fans...
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    Assassin's Creed Tribute...!! Please comment and rate those who have youtube accounts...and..tell me how it was..
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    Yet Another Prince of Persia Game

    POP WW was aimed solely towards marketing...there were some irregularities in the the amulet which supposedly Farah gave Prince...and empress of time having a dress which is on the verge of of her maid servants in a was not pretty much...
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    Yo 'Sup???

    Yo 'Sup???
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    Kami's Lookout

    Give the team a sponsorship, or sponsor them yourself, pay them well...and you'll get the mod out when you want it to...reasonable dates to be apllied. Otherwise, they're workin hours and hours to get us a FREE game which by it's standards are pretty much unmatched ATM. Like you said, "Do it or...
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    Shenron & Porunga

    Who's Emile?? Did I miss a part in the anime?? Anyway, about the CTDB concept, granting more than one wish is not quite good. And about the benefit of the team, maybe the one closest to an enemy shall get a brief boost in whatever power if wished, to save himself. Or maybe a brief session of...
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    CPU Survey

    Duuh....I feel so outta place and backdated....I own a crappy Intel E5300..:p Gotta upgrade I think..
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    My Dragonball Z Fanfic!

    Aw crap... :p You have some serious imagination Dam...lolz Was thinkin, why don't ppl have a fanfic competition here? It will be fun, as Dam pointed out, not about how cool it is, just taking a tour of all the tales one spins up...just a thought.. :)
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    How about making efs models & effects like dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 model

    The ZEQ 2 mod's models and effects are similar to BT3....dunno about the polylimits, ESF has set it's own unique style of graphics, gameplay and effects which is unsurpassed at the moment basing on the Source Engine. All the features of ESF make it an unique one, not copying any other...
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    Lets see those Desktops!

    Uhh...guys why do you keep the humongous task bar in Windows 7?? :p's your choice of course.. :) here's mine... P.S. : I don't like desktop icons... :p
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    Transformation Cinemetics

    Here's hoping for some dramatic kickass transformation sequence...
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    Uhh...whatever happened to the chatbox ?? :p

    Uhh...whatever happened to the chatbox ?? :p