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    New Attacks

    New attacks would be nice, but you must keep in mind that the game is in a VERY early state of development, and therefore you can't expect all to happen soon. Probably no attacks from movies, but maby some more from the show EVENTUALLY.
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    clans ..

    I have a clan that you could join, it's called -R6-. Here's the website: Here's the link: Here
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    Do u think, attck during transformation is cheap??

    By the time one team can afford AWPs, the other can afford Colts/AK's
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    Can someone let me know why i keep getting booted out of the game.....

    If you go back to the consol and it says kicked, just put a ` in your name and you can't be kicked!
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    Holding someone and slamming him to the floor

    I like thi idea, but it shoudl be easier to counter. This really might be whored if one needed full ki to block it. It should be more like melee, but if you succesfully block when someone tries to do it to you, you should spread your arms out and knock them away. And if they hit you from behind...
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    some new idea's .. pictures included!

    That melee struggle is the best idea I've ever heard! It might be nearly impossible to impliment, but you really should make a new thread for that. It would rule left and right clicking like mad to win a ms. It is a lot better than just the person with the higher pl winning!
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    Buu's Candy Attack (Is it fixed?)

    Accidentaly? I clicked that on purpose. I love draining ki from the moron who was stupid enough to mess with the candy beam!
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    I only tell the truth

    I never claimed to be a dbz fan, you actually don't need to know any to play this game. And I'm still confused, did someone call you a liar, so you made this thread to defend your statement or something?
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    I only tell the truth

    what does this do with you only telling the truth?
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    Deadliset Beam

    you just need to learn how to use it. See a teamate losing a ps? Just get into the middle, and you'll be absorb both attacks, then lett'r rip!
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    Do u think, attck during transformation is cheap??

    I try not to, but if people have been interrupting my tanformations, i'll kill them during theirs in a heartbeat.
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    Deadliset Beam

    I voted shield attack, but only cuz generic beam wasn't there.:devil: :devil: :talk: :rolleyes: :) :yes:
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    Breakable Ground Idea

    People never listen to me, do they? NIPPER NIPPER! NIPPER!
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    Great Idea!!! Again!

    Ahh, so ind of like when Vegeto blocked Buu's "planet energy" ball? Because if that's what it's like, then it sounds good.*edit* exept you would be moving backwards, digging into the ground, wich Vegeto didn't do.
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    KI Pool Change Suggestion

    I really think that this would make the game boring. After using a full shield attack, according to your theory, i would fall to the ground and it would take me a long time to recharge my ki. When i first began, I didnt know of the recharge button, and would spend minutes just standing in one...