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    Where did everyone go?

    So I got my annual birthday message from the forum earlier this month. The funny thing is, I reminded myself I was going to get it when I wondered the day before who was going to wish me a happy birthday. I don't come here often, but I have been waiting for a final release for years. I guess...
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    Any Australians here who still play ESF?? =(

    I'm an Australian. There are no servers. :(
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    Oh I see. Is it explained anywhere on how it works? I usually don't miss such details.
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    The extra GUI in the bottom right is intriguing. Do you control 2 characters at once? What could it mean!?!?
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    ZOMG YOU SAID WHAT COULD IT MEAN DIE IN A FIRE... QQ. Funny as hell. Nice work! So um... When pressing "use" on the TV we can view the channel right..?
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    Apologies for promoting an in-community meme? Yes, it is a sexy model.
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    WHAT COULD IT MEAN!?!?!?!?!
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    PoTW :: After Image Technique

    Heh, Cooler, get it, get it. Yes, that was quite lame. I love after images... They totally rock!
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    awesome! I have been waiting for this feature for ages! Thanks guys!
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    What are you doing while waiting for 1.3?

    reading ESF forums and never posting. Oh, and WoW.
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    Highest speed you're comfortable with...

    Mystic Krillin isnt too difficult at all, you get used to the speed after 2 mins and then its awesome :)
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    and here i was thinking i didnt have a chance! I know how to use flash! god damn it! I really should have checked up on the thread... ah well lets hope my skills extend to the next comp congrats Chakra-X!
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    id say its showing Ginyu's animation of swatting away things. That seems logical and would be cool :) If not, CMON!!!! (yeh, im an Aussie :D)
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    Mass Ball

    I love this idea, would definetly increase the DBZ atmosphere! Also would tidy things up. I dont know if this has also been suggested, but if beams are curved all over the place before they enter a PS, when they do enter it the beam trail should (not immediatly) straighten out making it look...
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    [POTW]4 v 4 Generic Beam struggle

    Agreed. Ravendust - I also remeber this. I think it was called a "Pumping Powerstruggle". I remember hearing about it and was VERY excited. I hope this will be implemented in 1.3! (Along with the ball PS)