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    Notice - WonID's

    heres one thing that i need to say, you can't stop a full hardcore hacker that easily, if he is a cracker that just uses scripts then he would have been taken out a long time ago, the thing is he can change his cdkey to ANYONE'S and it will work, and their are even cases of bounceing your...
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    Cell Games!

    i guess im in E-mail [email protected]
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    hey why dun you release the game now and patch it later?

    everyone is getting really tierd of waiting and it would be way easier to release it now and work on it while everyone is busy playin the beta so then you can work on it without haveing everyone complain all the time. sorry if you think this is a stupid post
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    sorry if this is spaming but...

    anyone who is gonna play the beta has to have great reflexes because the way the movies showed they moved very fast and the moves looked deadly so correct me if im wrong but this game just might now be for certain people then....o_o
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    Cd-Key Problems (I Can't Play Online!)

    their are bots for esf even if they are a little dumb you can use akimbot! i use it and the bots use beam attacks and fly and everything!
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    if anyone has somehow gotten to the form read this...

    for some reason the site has gone down! its forbidden! can someone that has somehow gotten to the forms like i have please msg me the reason why its down!