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    Old Visitor Back Again!

    It seems i was able to remember my password and log in. NOW TO REINSTALL EVERYTHING AHHHHH!H!H!H!H! Mods you can close this thread. My friend thingy or w/e is MattyG722 Eats Bagels :P
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    Old Visitor Back Again!

    Oh hey i remember you grega. Lionheart i remember you also. I'll look into the steam support thing Grega. Surprised to see my thread still on front page after so long :X EDIT: How do i exactly get in contact with them? Is there a phone number or what cause steam website doesn't help much.
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    Old Visitor Back Again!

    Hey guys. Some of you might remember me but i'm back to say hey, but i also have a predicament. I uninstalled steam a while ago and just installed it again. Problem is i dont remember my password and i think i found the right account. Other problem is, is that my old email address which is...
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    Im Back!

    All this forum love makes me giddy and uh no im not the guzzler >.>
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    Im Back!

    Anyone remember me? I used to like post on these forums alot like a maybe year ago? /sign if you do :D
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    My Wii repair story...

    Ya i know what you have been through Enix but it's that i had a Xbox 360. First Xbox 360 on the day i got it started glitching and freezing on my halo2. Second Xbox lived for like a month then died at my dad house. A month before halo 3. I was really scared as ****. I sent my Xbox off to...
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    Explain us your nickname!

    Simple, not really short but kinda tastless. I got this name cause 1. I used to looooove to go fishing hints the Bass part. 2. I loveed to fish hints Lover part. 3. 7/22 is my birthdate July 22nd..... 4. WOOla! my name :D happy now you cheaky monkey?
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    half-life 1

    Ya you need Half Life 1 to play esf. I got lucky and bought it at Wal mart. Last copy....ever sold. GL though
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    Illidan Stormrage downed! (WoW)

    Mmhmm heard about this...ya im only lvl 54 so far so ya >.> Woulnt be trying to down Illidan anytime soon >.> BUT! in the future i will :D maybe....still waiting on Onyxia...god thats gonna make me heart pump.
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    Invading England

    Same same.....dude same same. excpet i need to be 7 years older. edit: Wait actually sex rape Ravendust or just like fake dry hump >.>
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    post the wierdest, coolest, or scariest dream/nightmare you have had

    Creapy @[email protected] My strength fades in my dreams alot to like if i were gonna use a huge sword or sometin i would lose my strength so i couldnt swing it. Very weird. Ive had lots of different dreams but one botheres me the most. 1 where a huge asteroid blows up the earth and 2 Aliens (like in war...
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    Ya and its not like anything like up , down , left , right =X
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    The Sims: The Movie

    ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL. @idea of sims movie: Just no............
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    PS3 or Xbox 360?

    Wait wait wait what? Banjo Kazooie on the Xbox360? Can someone confirm this? this changes everything. this was like my best friend on the N64....god damn...
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    Dragon Ball Z: Sparking Meteor/Tenkaichi 3 [PS2/WII]

    I have failed to see a B or Bt with any good story line. Only one that passed for me was Budakai 3. It was ok and i liked the arcade fighitng system in that. Ya the BT series figthing is new and fun but....this might make me wanna get a Wii even more. Btw i havent read this whole thread but do...