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    Reliable channel overflowed

    Keep getting this message when i try to connect to servers. I am not sure but i think it only happens when i connect to servers in team mode or servers running the gero or one of the cell games levels
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    The Freiza Freeze

    The player cant shoot from the freeze ball, he is frozen. Frieza specifically says that the ball will explode if it touches anything but him so maybe make it so that if anyone else touches a frozen player then the ball explodes? The invulnerability part is to stop freiza from freezing...
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    Tien for 1.3?

    I seem to remember that the tri beam had some sort of zoom freature (from the time tien used it against buu) i think it would be good to play that up and make the tri beam a long range sniper attack Just a thought
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    The Freiza Freeze

    This ability is used towards the end of DBZ episode 73 'Clash of the Super Powers' where freiza gets in close to goku and surrounds him with a ball of ki. While inside the ball goku cant move and Frezia explains that ball will explode if it touches anything but him. Frezia then proceeds to smack...