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    Mad Guitar [email protected] (Video Release)

    omg music O_O
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    Signature Reminiscing

    Check out this old me -_-
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    Ms paint Head turiols(:p)

    NICE I love it @[email protected]
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    Conan O'brian or J Leno

    I would have to go with the "O" man. He puts that big chin freak in his place nightly \o/
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    Happy Birthday Tentacle God

    HAppy Birthday to the all knowing TRM master
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    Happy Birthday Tsu!!!

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    What do you think is the best Bf1942 Expansion?

    Nips = Japanese slag....Vietnam = Zipper Head, Charlie' and most popular Gook!!! Slag times are a sign that the person using them need to be more open minded to others.
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    Gold Members Banner

    /me cries ....i will leave the sig now ;_;
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    Gold Members Banner

    I have only one thing to say on this matter......GGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday to the Texan Champ

    Well Thank You all for helping me remember my Birthday. You know use OLD FARTS never can remember anything =P Hibiki: Every time I got to get it the link dies or the seed (BT link) is old ;_:
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    AMV - Anime Music Video's @[email protected]

    I have been making anime music video's for years. I was want to see how many other people in the ESF community shared my never ending strive for excellence. To one day make the most perfect anime music video ever!!!!! I going to post a link to my first anime music video done with Adobe...
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    Super Mario 3 awsomeness

    Yes they do.....
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    MY NEW SIG!!!!

    NOPE not hidden at all... GrOOvy is teh BLIND X_X
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    MY NEW SIG!!!!

    Tell me what you think. Which one shoud i keep???
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    Ok, we know what you look like, but what the hell do you _sound_ like?

    Well I had to post in this thread. You may ask," why awol..why post here?" It is simple so all the people in the world will have heard AWOL's VOICE ^_^